Welcome to the Welsh Trail Riders Association (WTRA) The 2015 Snowrun will see the 40th running of this event and Bob Perring is still designing the course..... Dating back to 1974 when the bikes were behemoths, the current club members were young and fit….and may be a little daft too and of course fast…honestly, the way they talk about the past events they rode…boy they were fast…. While the bikes have changed over the last 40 years, the forest has not, it is still full of trees, mud and plenty of fun and this 40th running of the Snowrun is set to be an excellent event not to be missed.  With time card enduros seeming to be on the wane, this will be one of your last chances to ride a good old fashioned time card enduro where you will ride for over 5 hours covering fantastic tracks and, weather permitting, encounter excellent views.  This really is one of the best clubman enduros in the off road calendar. Easter we will be running the Drover Enduro and this will incoporprateing a brand new test using Arwel’s Father’s Land.  The test will be accessible for spectators to come and watch. The Drovers enduro will be Round 3 of the Welsh Enduro Championship  This is another timecard event designed for the clubman and sportsman riders. We are planning on running two 2 days rallys again this year with the Beacons Rally returning to its usual slot of mid August and the Cambrian Rally in October. We are also looking at running some fun days where you can ride the forest trails and learn how to ride the obstacles you encounter in the enduro events.  The time card myths will also be revealed and explained to those that wish to learn them ready for the next enduros. Illegal Riding in the Crychan, Glyn Saer and Halfway forests Local people living in the area, who have legitimate access, have reported a significant increase in illegal motorcycle off-road activity in these forests.  There have also been a number of "near misses" between horse riders and local road legal cars accessing property within the forest and the illegal motorcyclists.  As a consequence of this illegal riding, an accident is almost inevitable. Also some of the illegal motorcyclists  have been offensive and abusive to both local people and forestry officials when challenged. Some have even tried to make out that they are authorised WTRA officials planning enduro and rally courses. As such the Crychan Forest Association have been in discussion with the Police, local Forestry Commission and Landmarc regarding ways of curtailing this illegal off-road riding activity.  Members of the public living in the area will now be gathering evidence in the form of pictures and recording registration details of vehicles and bikes operating illegally within the area.  Details of the illegal activities will then be passed onto the Police to investigate. WTRA will give further full support to these actions and pass on details to the ACU, the sport's governing body, to ensure action is taken against the culprits. The future of such classic events such as the Snow Run and Drovers Enduros and the Beacons and Cambrian Rallies is now under severe threat. If illegal riding continues there will be a significant impact on the ability of WTRA to run events on Forestry Commission land. Permission to run events will cease within these forests and popular enduro and rally events will no longer run.  WTRA members are only allowed to ride in these forests on the date of the event and for set up purposes, when permits are issued to event officials only.
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Snowrun Enduro Sunday 8th February Regs - ENTRY FULL Rider Numbers and Start Times Final Instructions Results Photos by MuddyRider Photos by GaryPhotos ________________________________________________ Drovers Enduro Sunday 5th April Regs- Closed Special Test Video Photos Results _______________________________________________ Beacons Rally Saturday 15th August Sunday 16th August   Photos by GaryPhotos Results Day1  Day 2 _______________________________________________ Cambrian Rally Saturday 17th October Sunday 18th October Regs NOW OPEN Entry List Final Instructions Results _______________________________________________
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